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October/November 2014

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Diversity/Careers October/November 2014 Issue

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Tech pros with disabilities
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Big data boosts demand for financial IT and BI pros

Data is growing bigger, and so are the demands for security, speed, storage, and consequently, IT professionals in the financial services industry to manage it all. According to Linda Kreitzman, executive director of the...

Tech pros with disabilities use creativity
to level the field

To companies considering hiring people with disabilities, Laureen Summers says this: “Disabled employees bring a unique perspective and creativity to problem solving that can enhance everyone’s lives. The technology behind...

Fariba Gartland leads plant upgrades
at Areva

Fariba Gartland is optimistic about STEM opportunities for women. But, she believes, “it has to start at an early age.” Gartland is deputy vice president of plant upgrades and major projects at Areva Inc (Charlotte, NC), a nuclear...

ASME elects Julio Guerrero of Draper Laboratory as next president

Cambridge, MA – The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) has elected Julio Guerrero, PhD as its president. He will serve from 2015-2016. Guerrero, an R&D and business development lead for Draper Laboratory’s Energy Systems (Cambridge, MA)...

iHeartRadio Show Your Stripes Alliance helps veterans find jobs at military-friendly businesses

San Antonio, TX – The iHeartRadio Alliance has brought in more than 150,000 job applications to a wide variety of companies through website showyourstripes.org. The website offers veterans access to 70,000 military-friendly jobs and offers businesses...

Supplier diversity gets high ratings at Nielsen

Nielsen Holdings NV (New York, NY) collects and measures consumer information in more than 100 countries. The company caters to multinational enterprises and single storefronts alike. Nielsen tracks both what...

Chicago Fed focuses on technology and diversity

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (Chicago Fed) is one of twelve reserve banks in the Federal Reserve System. The banks are jointly responsible, with their board of governors, for implementing U.S. monetary...

Shaw Industries champions diversity and STEM education

Carpet and flooring company Shaw Industries, Inc is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway, Inc. According to Lisa R. Buice, corporate diversity manager, the company offers a wide variety of opportunities for...

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